Wildlife Art

Lion: 9 x 12 Pastel
The Drink: 16 x 20 Oil
Lion:16 x 20 Charcoal
Lion: 9 x 12 Ink and Marker
Zebra: Oil 24 x 36
Gatorland Parrot: Watercolor
Bears: 9x12 Marker
Lioness: Digital
Meerkat: Digital
Wildlife: Color Pencil
Tiger: 9 x12 Ink
Big Horn Sheep: oil 16 x20
Coyote: 12 x 12 Oil
Lion: 11 x 14 Oil
Alert: Ink 9 x 12
Gorilla: 2' x 2' Charcoal on Plywood
Golden Eagle: Watercolor
World Lion Day 2019: Digital
Maned Wolf: Digital
Snow Leopard: Oil
Rooster: Ink

Plein Air Painting

Plein Air: Oil
Green House: 11 x 14 Oil
DAGB: 8 x 10 Oil
Plein Air: Watercolor
Plein Air: Watercolor
Plein Air Painting: 11 x 14 Oil

Gestures/ Life Drawing

Birmingham Zoo Sketches
Mural City Coffee Company Live Drawing
Mural City Coffee Company Live Drawing